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Hemp Raw Protein Powder
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Testimonials for H-(Minus) and E3Live

I had a debilitating microbe in my lungs that caused me to cough continuously along with a fever.  My lungs were raw and painful.  A friend sent me H- (minus) and within 3 days the cough went away and in 6 months I was breathing normally. There were other good things like balanced pH and foundational energy reserves that I also noticed and this made me want to continue to take it.  That was 6 years ago and now everyone tells me I look 40 and I am celebrating my 60th birthday this year.  And I feel young too!

Dyan Stein LCSW / Healer / Therapist / Durango, CO


I accidentally touched the manifold of the rooter tiller I was using for my garden and received blistering burns.  I took 2 tablespoons of E3Live and 2 scoops of H- and within 5 minutes all the pain was gone and it didn't return.  These amazing remedies eliminated the infection and inflammation, on my arm. To me this validates that they will also help any infection or inflammation within my body!


My dentist, Dr. Gilmore, told me that 95% of the plaque that I normally have was not there when my teeth were recently cleaned at her office. Swishing it in my mouth in water and brushing with H- with baking soda will be a wonderful help for my persisting gum and teeth challenges.

Robert Labensart / Energy Therapist / Littleton, CO


When I had my first dose of H- at the Celebration Fair I noticed in about 20 minutes that my vision had improved.  In fact I could read small print on the product information that I had not been able to do for 2 years.  So I decided to purchase the H- and the E3Live to take it to see if it could help to improve my pre-diabetic condition.   After taking both products for 3 months I went to see my doctor.  He said all my blood sugar levels had significantly improved.  Also as soon as I began taking the H- regularly I noticed my energy levels had skyrocketed.  Now I am active and I am beginning to lose weight and feeling great.  My friends tell me I look much healthier, less pale, and my attitudes have improved.  In general everything has gotten a whole lot better. 

Steve Ver Wiebe / Machine Operator / Colorado Springs, CO


I believe that taking the H- has helped with my liver problems significantly since I started taking it about 6 months ago. I not only feel great with plenty of energy but many of my "signs of liver problems" have improved dramatically. I can recommend this product to anyone who would like to improve their health.

Michael P. Hughes / Yard and Sprinkler Service / Denver, CO


In using the products for 4 years I’ve found:

Skin care – I use H- with Aloe gel to heal skin rashes. I find that it speeds up healing process by a week.

High altitude – On a resent trip to Colorado I used  H- to help curb altitude sickness. Increased my intake to 4 capsules a day and had no symptoms

Physical fitness – As a Master Swimmer I found that I could keep up with the workouts, when I missed practices for a couple of months. Others on the team did not keep up with younger and faster teammates, while I did. Workouts were easier and less tiring.

Tooth care – I use H- with toothpaste and spend less time at the Dentist for cleanings. As an A type, in the past would have to endure 25 or so minutes to get my teeth cleaned with lectures about teeth care. Now I spend 10 minutes total and get told that I could put them out of business!

Suzanne Schartz / Artist / Mother / Overland Park, KS


In 2002 I had a motorcycle accident and broke my ankle.  I had an infection, which raged, in my ankle.  After $3,000.00 of anti-biotic I was in dreadful pain and praying for a solution.  My friend Janet called and told me about some trace minerals.  I contacted the homeopathic doctor.  He told me 3 things:  1.) Resolve your negative emotions about the ordeal. 2.) Alkalinize your body.  3.) Take high frequency trace minerals every day.  In less than 9 days the infection was healed.  I am in a magic healing time and so I begin to address an old problem where my parathyroid glands produce too much hormone. Doctors told me it was irreversible, so I needed surgery.  Drinking green drink brought my level down 43 points in a year.  Then I discovered H- (minus), which I added to my green drink.  My hormone level went down 121 points in 3 months to a normal level of 77.  My doctor did not believe the results so ordered another blood test.  Great results also.  So with 3 products, minerals, H-, and green chlorophyll other things have happened.  My vision improved, I have more energy and endurance, and my cholesterol and triglycerides levels are down to normal,

Valerien Brinkworth / Adventurer / Elizabeth, CO


I've been taking these products for 2-4 months.  I have high blood pressure and was diagnosed 12 years ago with the Hepatitis C virus.  Before using the products, I was taking my blood pressure medicine, but I could never get a normal reading.  Since taking the H-(Minus) my blood pressure readings have been normal.  I've also had blood work done since taking it and all my blood work came back in the normal range.  I am very happy with the end results of these products.  I believe that as a result of my taking H-. in conjunction with the E3Live, they are really helping me to heal.  I would recommend both of these products to anyone.

Donald Cason / Milwaukee, WI


I began taking H-(Minus) because a friend told me about it.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I am a healthy 72 years old.  After a short time I honestly felt better.  Then after 6 months I noticed something peculiar,  the brown age spots on my hands were lightening and going away.  I had always heard them called liver spots.  I had read that the H- is good for the liver, now I know.

Beverly Hines / An Untired Retired / Aurora, CO


I have had Hepatitis C for 30 years and over that time I adjusted to the symptoms.  I began taking H- (minus) and in a week I started feeling great, better than I had for years.  Sometime later I went to have my liver load checked.  The doctor told me my liver load was so low I did not have Hep C.  The results showed that I had once had Hep C and now it was gone.  The H- and E3Live have greatly improved my health quality.  I can really tell when I stop taking them, because after a couple days my great feeling begins to diminish.  Also, for years I had been working to make my pH 7.0 without success, now with H- it is perfect 7.0 to 7.5 all the time.

Sandra Clark  / Energy Healer / Thornton, CO

I have had 2 kinds of chronic pain in my body for years.  1.)  My muscles were achy.  I experienced pain on waking in the morning and through out the day running my landscape business.  2.)  I have had damaged tendons and ligaments in my thighs which caused me great pain to walk.  I took the E3Live and H-(minus) sporadically for 1 year and not much changed.  I decided to take the H- consistently twice each day because I was told it would help.  After 2 weeks I noticed the morning pain had subsided.  Now after 2 months of regular doses I can walk pain free and my muscles no longer ache.  I am a happy camper.

Paula James / Artist / Landscaper / Santa Fe, NM


I am grateful for the H- (minus) product.  I have used it for several years.  When I first heard about it, I was feeling quite a fluctuation in my energy level and working long hours at work.  It was s struggle to get through the afternoon with a "foggy brain" feeling much of the time.

After starting on H- the thing I noticed first was that I had a lot of energy that lasted throughout the day and lifted the "fog" in my brain.  It is not a stimulant type of energy, either, but the kind one had as a kid . . . natural energy.

This holds true today.  I don't even think about it except if I forget to take the H-- for a few days and that is when I notice the difference.  Also, I don't get all the colds and flu that everyone else seems to get every year.  This is my staple supplement, and I pray it will always be available.

Deni Hawkins, Client Service Manager, Quest Diagnostics.


I had been experiencing excessive dehydration to the degree that I would awaken during the night with a completely dry mouth, as if my inside mouth cavity was actually parched. Since being on the H- this condition has vanished altogether!  
I've also had an ongoing problem with my nasal passages whereby dry hardened mucous material would cling to the interior of both nostrils (a condition I attributed for yrs. to the dry climate here in Colorado). This condition as well has cleared up.  
My teeth have been a major health concern as I was diagnosed with periodontal activity due to excessive plaque build-up. I've noticed that my teeth stay cleaner and are not nearly as sensitive as they used to be.  This reduction in plaque should save me on extra teeth cleanings and visits to the Dentist as well as control further proliferation of my ongoing periodontal disease. 
I have been on the H- for less than 1 month now and so far I am thrilled with the results!

Linda Leonard / Denver, Colorado


I have been on  H-(Minus) for almost 1.5 years and I can say that it has definitely helped me in regard to less aches and pains associated with my bike riding and hiking. (I bike at least 70 miles/week) At first I did not think it worked but the results were subtle, however being 45 years old and not having a stiff neck, muscle, or back problems is pretty good. Finally when I added the E3Live daily, the main thing I have noticed is that it has helped significantly with my allergies. Keep in mind I am a very healthy person to begin with and have no chronic ailments so my results maybe different than someone with a more severe health problem.

Dave Wingo / Sales / Phoenix, AZ

Five years ago I had a hysterectomy in a life death situation. I had fibroids and endometriosis.  After the surgery I experienced problems with my hormones and weight.  I tried everything, nothing worked.  I became a vegetarian to lower my weight and blood pressure.  It helped some.  Then at a metaphysical fair I met Robert Ray and I had a sample of H- (minus).  He explained the importance of a balanced pH in the body and how it affects the health and immune system.  Within hours I experienced an overall sense of wellbeing.  I began to see my water retention disappear.  Overtime I see my hormones balance.  I still have some hot flashes, but they are few.  Best of all, I FEEL BETTER.

Sandra Louise Smith / Boulder, CO


Six years and still working.  I began because my friend came back from near death from Hep C.  I was healthy at the time so I didn’t really need it I thought.  Because of my interest in it and my desire to prove its effectiveness I began to track my pH.  I began with a saliva test and found I was between 5 and 5.5.  I was very acidic from restaurant food because of my continuous travel schedule.  I now knew that the best pH for saliva is 7 to 7.5 for a balanced pH.  I took 1,000 mg per day and in 4 mos. I was a balanced pH.  I felt better, lost weight, and began to look better with whiter teeth.  During this time I did not even change my diet. 

After 6 years I still swear by it.  My pH is still balanced and I still travel.  Last fall I decided to have a chest x-ray because I had smoked for over 25 years and had quit for 10.  Ten years ago I saw my x-rays and my lungs were black.  On this new x-ray my lungs were clear.  I took a stress test and the Dr. told me it was done, but did I want to continue?  I said OK.  I went on and he asked me again.  I said continue because I liked the exercise.  Finally I felt done.  He said, “You did great.”  Unknown to me he had continued to record my readings during the extended exercise.  He told me that I was in the 125% for my age group.  I asked him if he thought my lungs were damaged from my smoking.  He said, “It is unusual for a smoker, but you have only lost 3% of your capacity.”  I know it is the incredible gentle detoxifying ability H- has for cleansing the cells and tissues in the body from poisons and heavy metals.

The E3Live has helped my inflamed knee beyond expectation.  Two years ago I was in need of surgery.  I could barely walk.  Now I can walk and even run.  I can postpone knee surgery as long as possible.

Robert Ray / Marketing / Sacred Geometry / Nutrition / Santa Fe , NM


My Wife Iru & I decided we needed to do something good for ourselves...  We discovered E3Live and H- at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show...  We knew instantly that it was the right thing for us to get the REAL nutrition we needed and to get the our body’s back to normal... They have helped us both with all our "health issues" and has given us the new lease on life we needed...  I highly recommend it to all.........  Do something for yourselves........

 Lee & Iru Graham / Artists / Sedona, AZ


For over four years, I have been using H- Minus Hydrogen ions for both general health and also before workouts.  Since its inception, the product has improved from great to remarkable! The effects are particularly noticeable prior to swimming and Mountain-bike workouts where H- reduces muscle-burn by over 90%.  When I forget to take the product, the muscle-burn is a painful reminder!

Dave Lewis / Aurora, CO