H- (Minus)
Raise pH, hydrate, detoxify,
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A one a day living multiple vitamin and mineral supplement

Hemp Raw Protein Powder
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Raw protein, trace minerals,
fiber, no cholesterol

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Instructions for taking H-(Minus)

There are many pHs in the body. Blood will always be 7.38. Saliva is best 6.8 to 7.5 Urine is best 6 to 6.5. Bones and marrow are best above 7; they act as an alkaline reserve. The digestion tract must be very acidic. NCH- brings these pH levels into healthy relationship and improves immunity for your “biological terrain”.

The “H” in NCH- stands for Hydrogen. NCH willraise Biological Terrain pH to a healthy balanced pH. With NCH- , tests have shown that in 18 weeks the body can progress from an acid pH level toward a healthy balanced pH in the same time as a person eating a vegetarian diet for a year.  Change in diet can accelerate progress. Tested using 1,000 mg of NCH- per day without diet change.

Nano-Clustered H-™ (H Minus) reduces aging rate by hydrating cells, restoring negative ions (electrons) in cells, and balancing pH.

pH stands for “Potential of Hydrogen”

If you are taking prescription medicine, consult your physician about NCH- . It increases cellular absorption for pharmaceuticals.

Detoxifying with Nano-Clustered H-™

NCH- is a gentle way to detoxify your body fluids, organs and tissues at a cellular level. It is the first antioxidant small enough to detoxify the brain. Sometimes too much too soon can cause detox symptoms of discomfort, i.e. headache, itching, skin sensitivity, spaciness, or slow heaviness and even tiredness. With current dose symptoms will pass as your body detoxifies. To avoid symptoms, reduce dose by half. To move through detox quicker double the dose. Detox can last for a month.  Inadequate amounts of water can reduce effectiveness.

For best results use capsules or powder in 8-12 oz. glass of clean water. Do not use tap water. Add 4 oz. of apple juice for flavor. Drink with other nutritional products to increase their absorption. Great to mix with greens in a water bottle and sip over several hours.

DRINK UP! After 6 months of use your physical appearance will glow with more energy. It can take 6 months for NCH- to detoxify the liver. Results vary from person to person.

Stir drink with a non-metal implement like chop stick or plastic spoon.

A Suggested Method for Consumption

Fast Start: Take 2 capsules (1 scoop) 3 times per day (6 caps per day) for 3 days; then 2 capsules 2 times per day (4 caps per day) for 3 days; then 1 capsule 2 times per day (2 caps per day) from then on. Two caps, 1 scoop, or 500 to 600 mg per day is the maintenance dose. If you are addressing a specific health challenge or want to raise pH, use more (2 – 3 scoops per day)  than maintenance dose for an extended time .

Regular Start: Take 1 capsule (1/2 scoop) twice per day depending on body weight. A person taking this maintenance dose daily may not feel the impact or see results except

over time. One great thing about NCH- is that it is subtle as it works to optimize Biological Terrain. Symptoms mean it is working and if you want symptoms to indicate its efficacy,take more. Body size and weight is relevant to determine correct dosage.

1 scoop of H Minus (NCH-) powder equals approx. 2 capsules.

For bee and wasp stings, scorpion or spider bites immediately dissolve 1,000 mg of NCH- in 8 oz glass of water and apply a bit topically. Drink the remaining. Pain will subside in minutes.

Always apply topically dissolved in water. DO NOT PUT POWDER ON SKIN.

One scoop of NCH- powder equals 500mg. One capsule equals 300 mg. Drink powder and always swallow capsules with full glass of water for best hydration.

Benefits of Nano-Clustered H-

• The most powerful anti-oxidant on the planet. Has the anti-oxidant power of 10,000 glasses of organic juice in 1 capsule or 1/2 scoop. NCH- neutralizes the positive (+)

charge of pathogens and free radical toxins which can be the cause of disease, aging, and loss of energy. Toxic molecules in the body have a positive (+) charge.

• Makes every meal as vital as a meal of raw organic food. Take with meals and enzymes to bring life to dead, cooked food by restoring H- ions to catalyze enzymes and assist digestion and absorption.

• Supports a healthy life and ageless living 5 ways:

1. Powerful anti-oxidant to neutralize toxic free- radicals; removes toxins from the body and liver. By neutralizing toxins, oxidation is decreased and the aging rate is reduced. Cells live healthier and longer. ORP = -778mv.

2. Provides foundational energy and repairs red blood cells to increase oxygen supply to every cell and tissue.

3. Raises body pH and immunity to neutral pH gently and quickly; a body can heal itself with a balanced pH.

4. Nano-Clusters make nutritional molecules spherical and thus doubles cellular absorption through membranes.

5. Cellularly hydrates to rejuvenate tissues. It lowers water surface tension to 35 dynes or lower, by reducing the molecular attraction in H20, thus cellular hydration is greatly increased. Water becomes wetter.


• The true "fountain of youth". Creates opportunity for healthy living into senior years. NCH- slows the aging process for everyone. It also increases levels of cellular communication to support health.

• Ends Electron Cascade because NCH- re-loads antioxidant molecules with additional electrons. Thus all spent anti-oxidants will continue to neutralize free radicals. All anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Extract, Pygnoginal, and others continue to work many times better. NCH- is made to take with other anti-oxidants, not to replace them, thus a greater reduction of + charged toxicity.

• Originally invented by scientists who studied the Hunzas from Nepal, who were known for living disease free with healthy lives after 100. They discovered the frozen cloudy

glacial water drank by the Hunzas, “glacial milk”, contained a unique spherical silica mineral which was infused with negatively charged hydrogen ions. NCH- reproduces these minerals and ions into an organic silica powder which can be added to water and consumed easily to promote natural health for every body; humans and animals. Todayʼs powder is well over 100 times more concentrated than the original Hunza “Glacial Milk”. 500 - 600 mg / day can maintain health, while more can restore vital organs and raise pH gently, often without diet change, however, healthy diet change will increase effectiveness and well-being.

• Makes all supplements and remedies more powerful. Because of the nature of negatively charged hydrogen infused into this spherical mineral 2,000 times smaller than a red blood cell, it can penetrate cell membranes and deliver the ions and other nutrients which chemically bond, directly to the cell where health begins. This is a new nutrient delivery system, increasing absorption by up to 3 times.

• Every enzyme reaction in the body uses negatively charged hydrogen ions. Hydrogen is the fuel for the body and it is burned in oxygen. NCH- is a concentrated source

for the bodyʼs most needed fuel, hydrogen. Further, the negative charge attracts more oxygen to enhance the bodyʼs metabolism and assist the cellular mitochondrion to produce ATP, adenosine triphosphate, the cellular energy of the body.

• Plaque on teeth and in the arteries carries a high positive charge. NCH- neutralizes the charge thus softening and freeing plaques which occur on teeth and in arteries. Enjoy whiter teeth, healthy gums, and possibly reduce the risk of disabling heart disease. Helps LDL - HDL healthy balance.

• Used by many amateur and professional athletes who require high physical and mental performance. It increases endurance because lactic acid build up is reduced by over 50%. Take 1-2 doses before exercise and one can experience this for themself.

• This is the 1st anti-oxidant small enough to pass into the capillaries of the brain. NCH- can repair brain dysfunction and increase mental clarity. Stay mentally alert all your life.

• Has been shown to assist in slowing and reversal of serious disease and health discomforts in weeks or months.

• Increases fuel reserves for the liver and gall bladder for expanded endurance and energy.

• Recommended by many noted nutritionists, chiropractors, veterinarians and physicians.

• Dynamically assists body to heal itself. Even assists the body to repair dam-aged DNA cells.