H- (Minus)
Raise pH, hydrate, detoxify,
and more

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A one a day living multiple vitamin and mineral supplement

Hemp Raw Protein Powder
with Maca and E3Live
Raw protein, trace minerals,
fiber, no cholesterol

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Blood Work Pictures

Gloria's Story - Blood Work Before Using H-Minus Negative Hydrogen Ions

Can you see the pain in my eyes - and in my grimacing smile - as I am being supported by my sister Elena. Although she is 12 years older than me, I looked and felt as if I were certainloy the oldest.

Extensive Rouleau Formation 19/19/95

Significant Spicules (Liver Stress) 10/19/95

Gloria Alvino is a Doctor of Pharmacy and graduated from Massachussetts College of Pharmacy in 1955. She has suffered with neuro-Behcet's for 25 years.

““My two biggest fears were losing control of my mind and losing my eye sight. I was not afraid of dying . . .I was afraid of living with this disease.  In just three days of drinking H- Minus Negative Hydrogen Ions, I felt tremendous increase in my energy and stamina, For years I had complained to my doctors that I felt deprived of oxygen, listless, fatigued, exhausted. All of a sudden, I could function for hours, even a whole day.”

Later after taking H-Minus Negative Hydrogen Ions for 6 months. Using H-Minus she balanced her pH and her body began to heal itself.

Gloria Alvino today...a picture of health.

Active White Blood Cells, Decreased Rouleau 3/28/98

Healthy Oxygenated Red Blood Cells

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