H- (Minus)
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A one a day living multiple vitamin and mineral supplement

Hemp Raw Protein Powder
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Raw protein, trace minerals,
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You are as young as your cells are healthy.  Our interest is to provide  you nutritional products that are cellularly absorbable, sourced from whole food nutrition, and work to rejuvenate cellular health. 

To be young all your life means to be healthy, active and mentally clear.  There are six things  that are relevant. 

  1. Nutrition – feeding the cells.

  2. Exercise – body movement is the superior way to coordinate all body function.  Without exercise the best nutrition program cannot have its optimal results.

  3. Hydration – fluid exchange at the cellular level is how the body gets rid of toxicity and maintains a pristine cellular environment.

  4. De-Plaquing – Plaques are toxins which the body hides within the tissues because they are electronically bonded to the body. To remove plaques from the veins, teeth, brain, organs, eyes, etc., the electronic bond must be neutralized with an electron (anti-oxidant), and the result is the plaque will rinse out of the body.

  5. pH Balance – pH is an indication of the biological terrain within the body.  pH for the digestive tract needs to be very acidic to digest food.  pH for the urine is best acidic at 6 – 6.5. This shows that acids and toxins are being eliminated. pH for cellular fluids or biological terrain is best at 7 – 7.5.  Body health for cellular fluid, sweat and saliva is best to match the constant pH of blood at 7.38.  This is slightly alkaline, and is known as a balanced pH.

  6. Oxidation – It has been said that as we age we have less energy.  The correct statement would be as we grow older we have more oxidation at the cellular level, and our mitochondrion are able to produce less energy (ATP).  To reduce oxidation at the cellular level rejuvenates our ability to have access to immediate and stored energy in the body.

In our experience after testing many people’s pH, we have discovered that most are acidic at around 5.5 – 6.5.  So one can go to their health food store and purchase litmus paper to test one’s pH to know your own base line.  The best result is attained by testing your saliva in the morning before brushing your teeth.  Any result under 6.8 deserves attention to change the pH to a more neutral condition.  This change in body chemistry is a reward because at a balanced pH of 7.4 one’s body is more capable to heal itself, raise immunity to pathogens, and begin to feel better.


H- (minus)

H- (minus) is a remarkable rejuvenating product which is a supply of electronics.

Electrons are what we receive from fresh and raw food.  They are stored in the tissues of young plants and animals.  It has been discovered that the difference between an organic vegetable or meat is it’s electron content.  An anti-oxidant is a molecule which has a free electron and will donate it to neutralize a molecule which is a free radical.  Free radicals are the toxicities in your body.

The quantity of electrons in one dose (250-300ml) is equivalent to the number of electrons and hydrogen in 10,000 glasses of fresh squeezed organic juice.  This quantity of electrons helps to rejuvenate and give energy to the cells very quickly in a gentle and healthy way.  Also, the H- in a glass of water makes that glass of water equivalent to five regular glasses of water for cellular hydration. 

The result of taking H- twice a day will be:

1.   To hydrate your system and make your skin luxurious and supple.

2.   Plaques will rinse off your teeth, from your veins, and from your brain.

3.   On one dose your pH will move from acidic towards neutral by about a half a point on the pH scale, and will remain raised for 24 hours.  As you continue to take it, it will not only continue to raise your pH, it will also act to renew pH reserves.

4.   H- is a supply of electrons at a very concentrated level.  This quantity of electrons will act to reduce cellular oxidation.  The impact may be observed over several months and typically within 6 months a person will notice a new energy level and reserve.  The impact of this improved energy condition is not like that which is received from stimulants, it is an actual new foundational level of energy because of improved energy production (ATP) at the cellular level. 

For more explanation of these points see detailed 10 page Report on H-.


The E3Live is a highly concentrated AFA algae known as blue green algae and offers a whole food complete nutrition that is 97% absorbable at the cellular level.  This highly absorbable cell food is loaded with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, protein, enzymes, and antioxidants, to give each cell super nutrition. This is a whole food nutrition which you can live on, compared to other nutritional supplements which one could not survive on.

It as well will assist in raising pH, and anti-oxidation. 


These two products can be taken separately in a glass of water, or combined.  Their synthesis when taken the same day will offer superior cellular performance which you may feel on your first dose.  Extended use will increase health and vitality in a simple and easy nutritional manner for less than $2 per day.

You may take the maintenance dose to maintain good health and pH, or you may choose to take more than the maintenance dose to regenerate chronic conditions.